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Scientifically-proven medicinal mushroom extracts for immune, cognitive, mood, and overall vitality support.


Qi Traditions Mushrooms are designed to be the most advanced mushrooms on Earth. They nourish your brain and body, so you can have a better life.

Lion's Mane "Nature's Natural Dynamo"

✔️ Enhance cognitive function
✔️ Nourish gut health
✔️ Reduce anxiety and depression

Red Reishi "The God of Fungi"

✔️ Strengthen the immune system
✔️ Adapt to stress
✔️ Relieve insomnia

Cordyceps "The Rejuvenator"

✔️ Improve energy and fight fatigue
✔️ Support the liver, kidney and lungs
✔️ Boost libido

Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Carefully crafted extracts made from the highest quality mushrooms and formulated to provide you with a deep, all-encompassing sense of well-being.

Mushroom Teas and Tisanes

Medicinal mushroom teas help your body and mind adapt to stressors, creating a sense of balance and well-being.


Dried Mushrooms

Premium-quality organic and wild dried mushrooms from Canada. Ideal for teas, broths or as tinctures.


"Made a significant difference"

J. Pham,

"I have been beyond exhausted from lack of sleep due to my newborn son, stressing, and lack of sleep! I have been subdued to drinking a few cups of coffee a day lately due to this. However, once I had the opportunity to add this to my first and only one cup of coffee a day. It has made a significant difference. There is no longer a need to drink multiple cups and I have more energy and concentration than ever!"

"Highly recommended"

Ashutosh J., Toronto, Ontario

"The Red Reishi and the Cordyceps were ordered and delivered in a few days. So far so good and I feel good about taking them due to my trust in Qi.

I'm waiting on Lion's Mane next.

Highly recommended.

Be happy and healthy."

"Immune Boost"

A. Gallegos,

"I’m always looking for a good immune booster, especially now. This product is just that! I put it in my morning smoothie and I didn’t taste it. It does have a strong smell, that isn’t super pleasant. But other than the smell, I think it’s great. It arrived quickly and was packaged nicely. I would recommend"

"Truly the god of fungi"

Morris C., Norman Wells, NT

"I noticed a difference from all three fungi mushrooms. Cordyceps gave me energy and help in post recovery. I definitely felt lions mane benefits as well mentally. Memory and a clear mind. Reishi is truly the god of fungi and I noticed a difference in my sleeping quality. I will be ordering again from Qi traditions."


Sandy F., Vaudreuil, Quebec

It showed effect immediately
I'm hard to please
I'm a pioneer with medicinal mushrooms
And this is beyond.

Get some in your system you will thank me and yourself."


We take our mushrooms just as seriously (maybe even more so) than you do your health. That is the reason we bring to you the most rigorously tested medicinal mushroom extracts available anywhere in this world. Results show we can’t be beaten for potency or safety.

Our premium mushrooms contain more active ingredients per gram than any other brand. What you won’t see are any harmful contaminants because our strict testing screens these out to keep you safe.

The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For Health, According To The Experts

We asked 15 leading experts what medicinal mushrooms they thought were the best for health. Here's what they had to say.

Medicinal Mushrooms in the 21st Century: A Complete Guide

Discover the health and vitality secrets of medicinal mushrooms, and learn about how today’s scientific research backs centuries of tradition.

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