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About Qi Traditions

Generations of Wisdom

The Qi Traditions Story

I’m Chester Ku-Lea, and as founder of Qi (pronounced 'chi') Traditions, I’d like to share my story. My journey as a healthy living entrepreneur began in 2004.

I launched numerous wellbeing enterprises and what shocked me was the lack of standards in the health industry.

From shoddy manufacturing, unethical practices, and harmful products marketed as miracles, here was a poor reward for genuine seekers of health and vitality.

That’s why I wanted Qi Traditions to raise the bar on quality, from product potency through to sustainable packaging.

medicinal mushroom coffee

The history of medicinal mushrooms tells a compelling story.

And it deserves a new chapter for the 2020s that honors centuries of dedicated practice and rewards today’s new enthusiasts with the health benefits they seek.

So I wrote out a list of what I wanted to see.

And that list now enshrines the whole Qi Traditions philosophy underpinning every product we ship to the world.


1) Organic products that can be traced to spore.

2) No additives or contaminants.

3) Proven potency, backed by research & fully verified.

4) Ethical packaging ... no more plastic harming the environment.

5) Based on Qi teaching, Qi way of life.

Generations of Wisdom

The Heart & Soul of Qi Traditions

My father is a Tai Chi and Qi Gong master who taught my family all we know about Qi and healthy living.

He took pride in his Chinese ancestry and gained his skills and wisdom at the feet of masters in China.

When he moved to Canada in the 60s, he brought his Tai Chi teaching to a new audience, including the neighbourhood kids I grew up with.

Most importantly, he showed us the value of medicinal mushrooms and how they helped the body achieve equilibrium and harmony.

A father and son moment many, many moons ago.

He can still be found doing Tai Chi on sunny, rainy and even snowy days. :)

Key to my father’s wisdom was a desire to balance yin and yang and Qi flow in everything he did.

This meant balancing regular exercise with healthy nutrition.

At 85, he still practises his Tai Chi in the park at 5 am.

And he takes his reishi every day to help him maintain harmony.

We all deserve long and happy lives, and key to our success is how we choose to live.

Generations of Wisdom

Qi, Health & Vitality For The Future

A lifestyle based on health and vitality is ultimately one that looks to the future.

That’s why compostable packaging plays such an important part of the Qi Traditions philosophy.

We are drowning in oceans of plastic and now is the time to offer hope to those who will inherit the planet.

When you choose Qi Traditions, taking care of your health and vitality also means paying Qi’s life force forward to future generations.

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