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Ultra Premium Maitake SX - Qi Traditions
Ultra Premium Maitake SX - Qi Traditions
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Nature's Guardian

Maitake has long been used in China and Japan to protect health and bring harmony to the body. This “King of Mushrooms” can weigh over 100 pounds, and you may also hear Maitake called Sheepshead Mushroom or Hen of the Woods. Now it’s here in its 100% natural form, ready to put its adaptogenic properties to work in your life.

Traditionally prized for the role it has played over the years in helping to moderate stress and balance the body’s core regulatory functions, Maitake’s benefits now look to extend further. Numerous studies now point to the way it can provide help for IBD, asthma and gut health. Maitake mushrooms also contain polyphenols which can act as antioxidants and help protect the body’s cells from damage.

The main active ingredients in Maitake (Grifola frondosa) are its polysaccharides, and the king of mushrooms has more than 47 of these key compounds. It’s these natural agents that play a role in bringing balance and stability to the system as a whole. Qi Traditions is all about enhancing your natural harmony, and our Maitake has all the authentic qualities you need to stay in great shape.

Maitake delivers an impressive range of benefits, but you’re advised to seek help when using it alongside medication for blood-thinning or lowering sugar levels.

Learn about the science behind Maitake with Grifola Frondosa: The Maitake Mushroom.


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